Look Back… And Dare!

New Year’s Eve is finally upon us and having been so busy and unable to blog the last couple of months I thought I’d take the opportunity to take a brief look back over the last 12 months of what I’ve achieved and re-vist my own personal highlights.

First and foremost I think my greatest personal achievement and accomplishment of which I’m most proud this year was the Charity Calendar I developed, project managed, cast, graphic designed and modelled for on behalf of Save The Children UK‘ in just one month! It was an almighty task of which I could not of accomplished without the kind support of everyone involved. I was truly overwhelmed and endeared by the many photographers, models, make-up artists, hair stylists, printers and assistants that came together to make it such an overwhelming success. Some campaigns never even get off the ground as they proceed to fade without a trace after being launched. I am proud to say not only did we achieve what we set out to do from the start within a very tight deadline of just 30 days from concept to completion, we delivered a quality product that got featured in the press, sold as far afield as the USA and Brazil, Been entered into ‘Best Calendar Design’ and ‘Best Charity Calendar’ categories by The UK Calendar Distrbutor ‘8 Days a Week’ and has so far raised over £1,000 for this worthwhile cause! I am continuing to sell the last few remaining copies in order to raise proceeds further before donating them to ‘Save the Children UK‘ in the New Year.

If you would like to help, you can still purchase a copy for yourself or friends by donating to pledge@MAprofile.com via the ‘Send Money’ option on PayPal.

Prices: £15 (UK Delivered) / $30 (US Delivered) / ROW £18 Delivered.
Thank you to all who have purchased a copy so far and a big THANK YOU to the following for all their help and creative contributions; Debbie and Steve Underhill of TipTop Photography, Paul Silver, Birmingham Fotography, Clare Louise, Nick Reynolds, Adam Davies of DeadGoodUndies, Safeer Ahmed, John Chapman, Chris Sinnett, Simon Montrose Taylor, Heather Stringer, Anita – Exstasy Queen – Model, Aria Davis, Terri Hope, Anita Coleman, Tetiana Darling, Tanya Mihailovic, Jackie Wood, Pascale Recher, Adele Coxon, Make-up by Danni, Chayya Udani, Gaynor Morse of ‘Secondskin’, Tamara Joseph, Doctor Agamemmnon When, 8 Days A Week Print and last but certainly not least the invaluable Rajeeta Rani for helping to co-ordinate it all.

My next highlight of 2012 without question was my life changing trip to the USA shortly after the calendar completed. It’s unfair for me to even compare these 2 experiences as they could not be any more different if they tried and both have an equal place in my heart for very different reasons. This trip simply came about by way of a messaged recieved via ‘Star Now’ on the 1st August from awesome US musician Jane Train! I was contacted and asked if I would like to play the ‘love interest’ in her music video when she came over to the UK? Of course I would and after finding we already had a friend in common – Ginger Wildheart – and bonding further over months of Skype calls it seemed to make more sense for me to just go to the US and film the video with her in LA whilst pursuing other career  opportunities I had there too. Simply put I fell in love with the positivity and vibe of the people there and met a wealth of true friends and industry contacts in addition to getting representation by a New York acting agency and shooting for a Pennsylvania editorial. After 3 weeks there I simply did not want to leave and now plan on leaving the UK and relocating to LA next summer to pursue my acting career if all goes to plan.

The next accomplishments for which I’m most proud are a combination of my acting achievements so far which include me completing my Intensive Course at Birmingham School of Acting, featuring in the commercial for ‘Billy Boy UK’ and The Loyalties ‘Til The Death…’ music video (out next year), a featured role in Sean Forj’s Indie film ‘17 Spleens‘, an upcoming role in 2013’s ‘Thorned Hands’, plus working on Hollywood movies ‘The Councillor’ with Ridley Scott and Penelope Cruz and ‘Fast 6’ with the very friendly Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez who I was fortunate enough to talk at length with and gain some valuable advice from. I hope one day our paths cross again when I have made my name and can thank them very much and so they can see first hand the positive effect their time for me made.

On from that I again got to model at this years ‘Elton John Wig Party’ as a Terminator Barbie (above) which was a privilege indeed and also feature as a Bodypaint model on ITV ‘This Morning’ with Phillip and Holly courtesy of my awesome friend and body featured artist Sarah Attwell (video above). In addition to this I have also been fortunate to work with an array of incredible photographers throughout the year on some amazing modelling shoots of which I have gained some incredible additions to my portfolio. A particular dream come true was working with the lovely and always inspiring John Farrar who as a rule doesn’t generally shoot males. A privilidge indeed.  I have also again worked with the award winning Clare Louise and Paul Silver amongst many new faces who have all produced some of my favourite images this year…

So that brings my look back at personal highlights of 2012 to a close and leaves me very excited and full of big dreams and plans for 2013. I have many amazing projects already in the pipeline which I am anxious to share with you and see where they will take me personally. I hope you all have a great New Year and will see you on the other side where I hope you’ll continue to follow my exciting and unpredictable journey…