If you go down to the woods today…

Saturday 10th March found me back in Winchester some 18 months after first visiting to shoot with the awesome Gary Holmes. First time round we got some beautiful images so I was very much looking forward to working with him again in his chosen woodland location as before. During the shoot I certainly had a few vivid moments of de-ja-vu it has to be said with flashbacks from this beautiful and fitting location! 🙂

We had a list of desired shots to work through and started with shooting stunning scenic underwear shots for the delightful Adam Davies of ‘Dead Good Undies‘. We worked our way through a few pieces of select underwear and captured a few beautiful shots to do the brands justice.

Next up I had a couple of ideas I wanted to explore… The first being ‘Chameleon’, where I was not to be the focus of the picture, but simply an element that was part of a beautifully captured scene.  My intention was to appear very secondary in the image… That I was there and my presence important but simply because I complemented the landscpe and not to dominate it.  I feel we captured some fantastic results.
Secondly… ‘Action’, Instead of just posing I wanted to capture movement… Something natural and beautiful again set against the intensity of this magical location. This I feel was the most difficult of the three to perfect but I think we got some interesting results that have certainly set me thinking for a future shoot.

As ever Gary was wonderful and pleasant to work with and though 18 months had passed it felt like we’d shot together just the day previous.  Always a good sign of a natural and strong working relationship.  I’m looking forward to shooting with Gary again in May with new locations and ideas to indulge…


1 thought on “If you go down to the woods today…

  1. Great outdoor pictures with a lovely variety of poses and underwear. Look forward to following your career in both modelling and acting.

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