A couple of weeks ago I visited Binkography in Wiltshire for a studio shoot that was not only insightful but a very rewarding experience that stretched me as a model and expanded on my portfolio. 

The concept of the shoot was to capture some classic black and white images of the masculine form in a very natural manner. No team of make up artists/stylists/digital artwork. Just me and a photographer in a studio. I walked away with some shots I am very proud of and which I feel show both my rugged male form but also give a window into my softer side which Bink captured a perfect balance of. Some times as a model you get used to playing a certain role, so it’s good to break out of that and keep work fresh and exciting. 

I have since revisited Binky to make the most of the beautiful weather we’ve been having. Excited to share them with you but for now here are the results from our first shoot together, let me know which is your favourite so I can update my portfolios: